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New Jersey Shipwreck Museum

The New Jersey Shipwreck Museum at InfoAge

The New Jersey Historical Divers Association (NJHDA) has had an exhibit of New Jersey shipwreck artifacts on display at InfoAge
since April 1, 2006. Since then, we have expanded our display space. The historical links between Guglielmo Marconi,
his wireless device, and the RMS TITANIC make InfoAge an ideal venue for our museum. Years ago, shipwrecks were
very common with thousands of deaths resulting when a ship in distress could not get help.  Marconi's wireless system
changed all that. As a result, an indirect outcome of one of the most famous shipwrecks, the RMS TITANIC sinking, is
Camp Evans. Click here to read the details: How the Titanic Disaster Changed Wall Township's History Twice.


Educator's Resource Notice

NJHDA offers educators - especially homeschoolers - an opportunity to use our shipwreck museum as an extention of the classroom. We offer a preview video, a guide that allows the teacher to remain the teacher in our museum, and a set of tests that allow educators to determine how much information students retain once they return to the classroom. Click here to view the preview video. Go to our website to download the guide and tests.



Our hours of operation are from 1 PM to 5 PM on most Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays. Call 732-513-5698 to make sure the museum is open before you visit.

The museum may be opened for groups for six or more by appointment outside of regular operating hours.
Contact us at to set up a special visit.


Visit for direction to the shipwreck museum.

Photographs of the Museum Exhibits

The New Jersey Shipwreck Museum contains artifacts recovered from area shipwrecks. We also include a time line of wrecks we feel are significant to New Jersey maritime history. Also available are hands-on displays that teach the visitor aspects of science as they relate to shipwrecks and artifact recovery.This display is constantly being updated.

Also available are books, maps, plans, records and photographs of shipwrecks for the use of researchers. Our collection of material is administered by our archivists, so an appointment is necessary to access this collection.

Below is a view of the museum's main display room.

museum reducedmuseum reduced

 The three photos below show a tug boat helm (left), a tug's telegraph (center), and a model of the USS CONSTITUTION (right).

helm reducedhelm reduced  telegraph reducedtelegraph reduced  ship reducedship reduced

The next three photos show a mortar and pestle (left) from the CHAUNCEY JEROME, JR., a porthole from the Steamer MOHAWK (center), and a millstone from the Ship ADONIS (right).

 mortarpestal reducedmortarpestal reduced  portholes reducedportholes reduced  stone reducedstone reduced  

 These last three photos show a capstan (left) from the CHAUNCEY JEROME, JR., earthenware cargo (center) from the Ship AURORA, and a chronometer (right) from the PINTA.

capstan reducedcapstan reduced  china reducedchina reduced  clock reducedclock reduced

Projects and Updates

From time to time, we will post articles that will allow you to view our progress in areas that are "behind the scenes." Topics will include the progress we are making on expanding the shipwreck museum, displays that are under construction, or the details and updates on an artifact's conservation.

Visit this site often, or stop by the museum, and stay informed as to our progress. Visit InfoAge, and visit often!

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